How to Build your personal brand

Branding is one of the most important aspect of spreading awareness. It defines how people perceive you in the market. These days along with the companies, people also go by the leaders that are leading those companies. A ship is sailing well then people are also curious about the captain who is driving it.

Setting up E-commerce Business with Shopify

In this digital world, everybody is trying to establish their brands online. There are various brands like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Flipkart etc. which allow you to sell your products online. Some platforms allow you to register with themselves to sell your product with them, others help you establish your complete online shops.

Trends in Mobile Commerce, Latest in Mobile Commerce

The increased penetration of mobile phone devices or handheld devices like iPads and Tablets have given a boost to Mobile E-Commerce or M-commerce. It a device that is easy to hold and a person is present all the time on it. With evolution of high speed internet connections which available anywhere, this device has become a media to connect with consumers.

Content Marketing

With evolution of web 2.0, where public could introduce content on internet, content writing took a boom. There are various aspects of content writing that we can experience these days. But the very basic of content writing is that you should be able to write plain and simple English which is well understood by public in general.

App Store Optimization, App Store Optimizer, Keyword Optimization of Applications

With increased penetration of mobiles, you usually need an application to access extra feature or a game or an add on service or a store or just anything that is not part of simple basic phone. These phones are widely segregated into Android based phones and iOS based phones. Both platforms need separate applications based on Android and iOS platforms respectively.

How an Ecommerce can help your business grow

Ever wondered why everyone is turning their business digital. It’s because it provides them a larger customer base to sell their products. Let’s learn how ecommerce can help your business grow. There are almost two billion people logging into internet each day. Who would not like to tap this huge opportunity being a businessman.

All about search engines

Ever wondered how do these search engines work and can pull out the most relevant information for you on the top. It’s very important to understand the functionality of a search engine before you go on to optimize your page to list on the top of search results online. Search engine are basically search forms that searches through databases of HTML documents, initially gathered by robots.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization i.e. optimizing your website or webpage for search engines so when somebody search for the respective category of product or information your website or webpage should stand at the top. For this we need to understand how search engine works to rank our webpages. SEO is manipulation of “keywords” and is different from marketing services.

Key Aspects of Designing a Good Website

He should not feel tired or confused while looking at it. You must have a professional look and feel based on your product area. Some of the aspects you can mention while submitting your design requirements are color, graphics, text font which should be easy and clear to read, photographs which are published on your website must be all properly photoshopped and light in weight, and design wireframeshould be simple and robust.

Steps to build your own digital strategy

You must understand what goes into building a digital strategy before you opt for investing into it. Having a well-planned digital strategy will help you to efficiently work to establish your business online. This will not only boost your online presence but will also help you build your brand and engage your customers better.