Our Services

Web Development Services

At Gainsboro we provide the best web app solutions that help your
business stand out of the crowd.

We provide web development services across various platforms. Our range of services include customized websites as per your requirement, web based application development, portals and corporate websites, and content management system. Our developers can work across various technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, Java, SQL etc.

They work with comprehensive project management approach to deliver each project with quality and within stimulated time, budget and scope.  You need to submit your requirement form and submit it with our designers. In case of any confusions they may come back to you to clear them off, also they may provide certain suggestions to enhance the design of your website.

With all your inputs, they will put up a demo design ready for you. Once the design is finalized, our developers will work on encoding it with the interface be it an application or a website admin. The developers also work on open-source technologies like Joomla, Magento, Drupal and WordPress.

Mobile Application Development

We build the most reliable and user friendly apps that rock the top
chart of the app stores.

With increased usage of mobile phones in day to day life, demand for mobile applications have increased a lot. Especially now when smart and enabled phones like iPhone and Android based phones are available in the market. Everyone is seeking to fructify their idea and develop an application based on it. At Gainsboro, we help you realize this dream and create and launch your very own iPhone and android based applications.

We help you design seamless applications with very simple interface. The algorithms to run your applications which are designed by our developers have to  go through several rounds of scrutiny to keep them simple and efficient.The applications designed by us are functional across various devices based on android and iPhone platforms respectively. Our team is technically fluent and very innovative.

They know much about application market and can give your idea an altogether commercial face and interface so that it becomes a success very easily. The applications developed by Gainsboro are highly scalable and robust. Our developers develop your application based on proven standards so that it doesn’t hang or break in between. Also, they keep the design and interface simple and elegant which match the latest trend.

UI/UX & Graphics Design

Creating revolutionary designs that influence and project your
reputation in a strike since 2010.

The UI/UX design of your website or web application defines your online identity and is very important in establishing you in digital space. Our designers own years of experience of working with various industries and have expert knowledge of this craftsmanship. They are not only aware of technicalities of designing a seamless design but also is aware of creative aspect of it.

They work to develop designs based on latest trends and technologies which help you gain a good rapport online. We work to design a simple and interactive interface. The services we provide under this header include UI and UX design and development, UI design for ecommerce websites, and UI design for android and iPhone based applications. We proficiently work on HTML and CSS based UI and UX design interfaces.

To enhance the end user experience, our designers dedicate time in understanding their behavior and patterns. Then they develop a wireframe from the outputs of this study. This wireframe helps our designers to develop a seamless and functional user interface. The Gainsboro offer you expertise in UX/UI designs, to gain an unparalleled look and feel to your website and application, which is based on latest trends and design. We assure hundred percent quality in our work.

Digital Marketing

A website without marketing is similar to a life without oxygen, it exists
but it’s useless.

We provide you with complete range of digital marketing services.  It includes search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media strategy formulation, presenting and enhancing your website’s web analytics, building a mobile strategy, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. You can opt for one or complete package of our digital marketing services.

We work to enhance the ranking of your website based on building up its online presence around various keywords. We work on optimizing, right from the content of your website to various alt tags and images and URLs to make your website rank on top on search engine results. While we increase your online presence with all organic method, our pay per click services can help you increase your website traffic instantly and in cost effective manner.

We imply goal oriented PPC strategies to rank your website on various online platforms where you can get traffic which can be easily converted into revenue. These days building and maintaining an online presence on medias like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. is very important. This way you connect and build your brand amongst your customers. We design specific strategies to enhance your customer engagement and help you get a way to influence them.

Business Consultancy Solutions

Cloud computing as we all know is now the Next Big Thing, the advanced tools
and technologies makes it important for us to help our clients with this service.

We provide business consultancy across various domains like technological front, operational front, project management, ERP based solutions, and commercial front. We cover wide range of fields under our business consultancy services. We will help you design a strategy to enhance your company’s growth in desired direction.

We help you not only get commercial success but also reduce overall cost of your operations by enhancing productivity. Our experts can help increase the utilization of your resources. We deploy industry best practices to enhance the overall performance of your company.

Our experts will listen to your challenges and will give you collaborative solutions which will not only be efficient to resolve your company issues but will be easy on your pocket as well. They can help you build a time intensive plan for your company for its steady and economic growth. Our consultants are known for their innovative approach that they apply to resolve our client’s issues.

Outsourcing Services

Cloud computing as we all know is now the Next Big Thing, the advanced tools
and technologies makes it important for us to help our clients with this service.

We have worked with various enterprises to help them realize their full potential by outsourcing there not so important functions which allow them to concentrate more over their core business. Under our outsourcing services we help you outsource your complete IT services, HR services, payroll services etc.

We listen to our client needs and provide them with best solutions for their outsourcing requirements. We come with a decade of experience and are industry leaders in IT infrastructure management with our expert technicians who are well versed with latest and upcoming technologies. We enable you to save cost spend to develop capabilities to build and maintain your infrastructure for said services.

We with our experience help you to avoid any problems and issues with our foresightedness. You benefit from scale of work as well for we are doing it for many customers however in case you build your own you must develop all new in-house infrastructure from scratch.